Our Approach (Old)

Our Approach


To many students and parents, a high ATAR is the key to a successful future. At Encompass however, we know there is more a student can do to get an edge over other students. Whilst the ATAR is important into getting into the university course of your choice, there are multiple scholarships offered in universities based on student extra-curricular involvement and contribution to society. Furthermore, large firms offer employment and internship programs to recent high school graduates not based on their ATAR, but rather on their impressive resume, interview skills and other essential soft skills. Here at Encompass, we want to take you through a transformative journey that will not only guarantee VCE success, but also a fulfilling tertiary education with successful scholarship, internship and employment opportunities further down the track.

What do we have to offer?

At Encompass, we have more to offer than just academic tutoring services. We are here to help you through every aspect of your year 12 journey, including:

  • Teaching: Professional, accessible and affordable tutoring service with qualified tutors with a median ATAR of 99.90!
  • Studying: On top of study skills provided throughout the year, structured and detailed notes provided weekly to review content and apply new knowledge to a variety of exam specific questions
  • Extra-curricular: We find extra-curricular opportunities, community service events, leadership programs and work experience to suit your personal and future professional interests to ensure a well-rounded student development
  • Professional: These programs include interview skill preparation and free resume editing services
  • Mentorship: Free regular consultations with students to ensure good physical, emotional and mental health. Updating a good work-life timetable to ensure optimal study, extra-curricular involvement and social life


Follow Up Consultations

  • We will provide you with opportunities to participate in work experience, volunteering and other extra-curricular programs that match you hobbies and career interests. This is designed to help you keep a healthy work-life balance whilst simultaneously making you a better candidate for scholarships and future employment opportunities in areas that interest you.
  • After getting to know you, we refine and edit your resumes whilst helping you with any sort of application that is important to give you the opportunities you desire.
  • Should you need to chat about anything, we are here for ALL aspects of student life, whether that be helping with time management to SAC preparations to mental health to relationship issues (in full confidentiality). You confide, we advise!


Added academic benefits of our consultancy

Consultancy works hand in hand with academic tutoring, providing tutoring that suits you best

  • You can provide feedback of our tutors without having to confront the tutors personally. (We will contact the tutors anonymously)
  • If you are unsatisfied with our tutors, we are more than happy to reallocate you with a tutor that better suits you and provide you with full refund of the class you are unhappy with
  • Provide feedback of the tutoring service so that we can best accommodate for your needs

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